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Welcome to the Revolution: "Highs and Hellows" 

This isn't just a show. This is your new best friend in the world of diabetes. "Highs and Hellows," led by the fearless Danica Collins, is about flipping the script on diabetes, transforming it from a daily challenge into a source of strength and enlightenment.

Latest Episodes - Your New Must-Sees: Every episode of "Highs and Hellows" is a deep dive into the real talk of living with diabetes. Forget the clinical jargon; we're here to share raw, relatable stories and strategies that illuminate your path to wellness. Watch, engage, and get ready to change the way you view your journey.

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Meet Your Diabetes Avengers: We've assembled a squad of warriors just for you:

  • Bridget Wood, RD, CDES: She's not just a dietitian; she's your nutritional navigator, guiding you through the food maze with ease and wisdom.

  • Tiana Cooks, Fitness Guru: Tiana turns workouts into power moves for blood sugar control, proving that fitness and diabetes can be best buddies.

  • Will Streets, Mindfulness Maestro: Dive deep into your mind with Will, who brings sanity to the chaos and teaches you to find peace in the storm.

  • Danica Collins, MS, NBC-HWC: The heart and soul of our community, Danica isn't just hosting; she's living this journey with you, turning every high and low into a lesson in resilience.

Be Part of Something Bigger: "Highs and Hellows" isn't just about watching; it's about belonging. It's about connecting with those who understand the dance of diabetes because they're dancing it too. Share your story, lend your voice, and find your tribe here.

Subscribe now and redefine your diabetes journey with us. It's time to embrace every high, learn from every low, and celebrate the power of community.

Welcome to "Highs and Hellows." Welcome to the family.