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Dia-log the Insulin for Your Soul was created to support the diabetic lifestyle. Life with diabetes is far more than insulin, glucose levels, and doctor appointments – it’s part of who you are!  That’s why we’ve created a space to embrace what makes you different and learn how to thrive and live your best and healthiest life, even as a diabetic.

We offer a holistic approach and lifestyle for individuals that have diabetes. With us you’ll learn how to transform your diabetes management in a way that allows you to live your fullest life.  Together we can enjoy some favorite things, support diabetes research, sport some functional and stylish diabetic swag, and build a strong community for support.

Dia-log the Insulin for Your Soul

The key to unlocking fulfillment and holistic health through journaling, virtual health coaching and affirmational products

Dia-Log Coffee

Our signature single serve specialty coffee where part of the proceeds go to support diabetes clinical research

Dia-Log Fit

Fitness and custom athletic apparel with pockets to store diabetes devices close and securely. The hub for workout tips and videos.

Dia-Log Eats

The transformation place for building a healthy relationship with food to support positive blood sugar impacts.

Self Dia-Log

Our luxury self-care line and resource to empower you to live your best life as a diabetic

Dia-Log Voices

Our community blog and discuss area where we have Open Dia-Log on the diabetic lifestyle. 


About our Founder


Meet Danica the Diabetic

Danica The Diabetic shares her holistic approach to living life as a diabetic. Danica has been a type one diabetic for 16 years. Until 2015, she had a limited diabetes community and a narrow picture of how to do normal things as a diabetic. There is no playbook! When she was first diagnosed, she was given a list of what not to do. She created her online platform to build community and share how she uses health, nutrition, wellness, and exercise to manage her diabetes. With her go-getter and health centric lifestyle she uses experience to connect with others. Having a diagnosis does not mean living without, it means modification and moderation! Danica encourages others to live their best life while managing their diabetes.

Danica brings more than ten years of experience in the healthcare industry, currently as a hospital and dental office consultant. Her areas of expertise and professional skills include guiding organizations through strategic initiatives, best practice analysis, training, diabetes management, preventative care, multi-million cost savings initiatives, patient advocacy and improving patient behavior through health communications. Danica has been a speaker at the American Society on Aging Conference, The American Dental Association Conference, National Urban League Conference, Illinois Governor's Conference, The American Dental Hygienists Conference, University of California Irvine School of Public Health, Rush University and The American Dental Education Association Conference. She has also spoken at The Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation's Conference on the interdisciplinary relationship of oral health and diabetes; diabetes management changes through technological advancements, and diabetes burnout. She has experience as a research and development chemist and has developed diabetes clinical studies. Danica Collins received her master’s degree in Biotechnology from Rush University Medical Center in Chicago, Illinois. She is a member of the American Diabetes Association Associate Board, Women in Bio, American Academy of Public Health, Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation Associate Board, National Urban League's Executive Leadership Committee, American Society on Aging and the Association for Health Care Resource & Materials Management.

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