December 15, 2023 2 min read

Empowering Diabetes Management: A Personal Journey with Dexcom G7 and Tandem t:Slim Insulin Pump

Hello, everyone! I'm Danica, your trusted diabetes coach, and today I want to share something very personal and informative with you all. I have created a new YouTube video where I guide you through the process of integrating the revolutionary Dexcom G7 with the Tandem t:Slim insulin pump.

Living with type one diabetes for over 17 years has been a rollercoaster ride of ups and downs, but it's also been a journey of empowerment, learning, and triumphs. This video is an extension of that journey, where I share my personal experiences with diabetes management technology.

Navigating the World of Diabetes Technology

In this step-by-step video guide, I take you along on my journey of integrating the Dexcom G7 Continuous Glucose Monitor (CGM) with the Tandem t:Slim Insulin Pump. It's not just about the technical steps, but also about the emotional and personal aspects of using these transformative devices.

Sharing the Good, the Bad, and the Uplifting

Transparency is key when sharing experiences related to managing diabetes. In this video, I don't shy away from sharing the challenging moments as well as the victories. Together, we'll navigate the complexities of living with diabetes, and celebrate our achievements along the way.

Empowering Each Other

This video is more than just a tutorial—it's a testament to the resilience and strength of every individual living with diabetes. My goal is not only to guide you through the process of integrating the Dexcom G7 and Tandem t:Slim insulin pump, but also to empower you to live vibrantly with diabetes.

Join the Journey

I invite all of you to join me on this empowering journey. Watch the video, share your thoughts, and let's inspire one another to live our best lives as diabetics. Remember, we are not alone in this fight. Together, we can turn challenges into victories.

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Stay tuned for more empowering content, practical tips, and personal insights into my own diabetic journey.

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