We understand that living with diabetes impacts every aspect of your life and well-being, and we’re here to help you improve and maintain your overall physical, mental, and emotional wellness as all of these areas impact your diabetes. We will specifically empower to make a constant commitment to a healthy lifestyle that cultivates sustainability. Through our accessible and affordable coaching to live your best life from a holistic lens to diabetes management.


We offer two programs for individuals of all types of diabetes:




This is a top-level support system to help you stay on track, reach your goals, and live a healthy and happy life – even with diabetes!


          • Personalized video messages with prompts and guidance every week!

          • Dia-Log journal prompts sent you to 3 times per week.

          • Access to our private Dia-Log The Insulin for Your Soul Facebook Group.

          • Exclusive updates and discounts on events and 1-on-1 health coaching.

          • Direct access to the Dia-Log team for questions through a client portal

          • 1-ON-1 HEALTH COACHING


            This is for individuals looking for more personalized and one-on-one attention to achieve their health goals and create long-lasting health habits that will truly change your life!  This is the accountability and support you need to feel physically, mentally, and emotionally happy and healthy.


            • Regular cadence 1-on-1 health coaching specifically for you to best understand what is working and what is not working from all pillars of health

            • Managing and improving lifestyle health habits.

            • Working toward consist health centric lifestyle choices to have sustainable weight to help combat insulin resistance as needed.

            • Stress management and individualized coaching on your specific issues.

            • Help with establishing a consistent and healthy food habits.

            • Expert coaching on the best management strategies for diabetes.

            • In-depth review of blood sugars patterns, emotional patterns, nutritional patterns and stress patterns

            • Personalized game plan

            • Grow in an accountable ecosystem with your coach to learn what foods, stress, movements and mindful activities holistically work to have a manageable diabetes lifestyle


            At the end of the day, our goal is to help you alter unhealthy behaviors and give you the tools you need to feel your best and live your best life!  


            It’s a holistic and still affordable way to get your self to that place where you want to be:  Happy, in control, and empowered to live life to the fullest!


            Fill out the application today!