Diaversary Balloon 11"


Celebrate your Diaversary with flair using Dia-Log's 11-inch Mylar Balloons! Made of coated mylar with a stylish matte finish, these balloons are easy to customize and versatile enough to suit any Diaversary celebration. Featuring uplifting designs that resonate with your journey and resilience, they're perfect for both indoor and outdoor décor. Unlike helium balloons, these inflate with air only and come with a convenient stick for easy mobility. Capture the essence of your milestones with this delightful Diaversary accessory, and make your special day stand out!

Key Features

  • Coated Mylar Material for durability
  • One size: 11" x 11" for easy transportation
  • Matte finish for a sleek look
  • Balloon stick included for effortless placement
  • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use
  • Inflate with air only, environmentally friendly

Elevate your Diaversary celebration with Dia-Log's Mylar Balloons—a must-have for anyone commemorating this significant milestone. Shop now to add a pop of joy and meaning to your special day!